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Why get a personal loan online?

Because it saves you time. The request process is smart and fast, and you don’t have to go to the bank and wait for hours just to fill the paperwork and wait again.

What is more, it gives you a chance to rethink a loan agreement. If the terms don’t suit you, you just say “no” and go on to look through another offer.

No penalties, no fees, no tricks. You are a free person and have the right to refuse from a deal you don’t like.

What we offer?

As we understand the urgent need for additional money, we’ve done our best to make our service available for everyone. That’s why you can submit a request even if your credit isn’t stellar.

To make the process enjoyable, we’ve introduced a clear form with the minimum amount of questions. Filling it out takes only a few minutes!

Your privacy also matters to us. For this reason we’ve implemented the best protection technologies and keep your personal data safe from strangers.

How it Works

Ready to get started? Follow these three steps. Applying online is really that simple.


You request

The first thing you need to do is to fill out our form with your details. As soon as you’re done with it, check everything and submit your request.

You wait

Chill out with a cup of coffee while waiting for the results. Don’t worry, our service is quick, and you’ll get your answer in no time. You’ll receive a loan offer. Read it carefully.

You take

You e-sign a loan agreement and wait for the funds to be transferred to your bank account. It’s time to make the most of your personal loan!

Welcome to the American Bank of Huntsville!

We are here to connect the community members of our hometown to the financial products they need. We are proud to be called “Your Hometown Bank,” as we live in the same city, walk the same streets, and contribute to the same community’s prosperity. For this reason, your needs are our top priority!

Our website can provide information on a wide range of financial products you require. We have prepared personal loans for individual cases of our clients. Our business loans are here to help you develop your entrepreneurship spirit. Last but not least, we offer you home loans to support you in building your dream home. We believe each resident of Huntsville deserves the best financial products for every situation in life. For this reason, we have partnered with numerous financial services that can offer other novelty products in addition to the ones we provide.

Our trusted network of partners brings further variety to our services. Over the years, all financial companies we recommend have proven the utility and reliability of their products. This way, we are sure you are getting only the best and most convenient services.

The main goal of the American Bank of Huntsville is to have your back on all financial matters with the top financial products of today’s lending market!

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